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How to Streamline your Billing Process in a Global Telecoms Business

As a global telecoms business, your job is to implement solutions to help your customers streamline their systems and boost their bottom line.

If you’re not doing the same across all aspects of your own business, you’re missing a trick.

You’ve got your broadband, phone and cloud technology nailed but what about the way you take regular payments from customers?

If your billing process is still in the dark ages, it’s time to tackle your tired techniques head-on.

Here we explore how Direct Debit can revolutionise how you collect client cash and supercharge your own systems while at the same time you focus on your clients.

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10 Cloud Technology Solutions for Long Term Data Storage in 2018

A recent report from the Federation of Small Businesses (FSB) found that an eye-watering seven million cyber crimes are committed against smaller UK businesses each year as cyber criminals believe them to be softer targets.

That’s 19,000 per day.

And with figures from the same report stating that an average cybercrime incident costs an SME victim nearly £3,000, that’s a whopping £57m that small businesses are potentially losing to inadequate data protection and storage every day.

As a small telecoms provider, you might think a focus on data storage and protection only applies to larger organisations and that you are off the hook.

But don’t be fooled.

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Moving Offices: How to Organise a Telecoms Business Relocation

Moving offices requires plenty of planning and preparation. It can be a complex, time-consuming and costly process.

Without a detailed action plan, the excitement of having a new office could easily be overshadowed by stress, struggle and disgruntled staff. Not to mention the negative impact it could have on your business running costs.

Don’t be daunted. With a structured business move map in place, you’ll be able to say goodbye to your old premises with confidence and start your telecoms company’s new chapter organised and ready to grow.

Here we explore some of the difficulties and dilemmas, and how you can successfully move your business up in the world.

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Why a Branded Direct Debit Service Creates Customer Loyalty for Gyms

In the competitive gym industry, attracting and retaining exercise enthusiasts is key to your long-term success.

You want them to sign up, work up a sweat and then stick around, both for your professional reputation and your bottom line.

Maybe you already enjoy high retention rates: clients love your gym’s sense of camaraderie, the inspirational classes and encouraging instructors. They also love how easy it is to pay their membership fees via Direct Debit.

Or perhaps, despite having the latest state-of-the-art equipment and friendly, helpful staff, your inflexible payment methods could be tempting members to check out your competitors.

If you don’t offer them the option of paying by Direct Debit – or you do, but don’t use a branded Direct Debit scheme – then you risk losing both members and profits.

Here we explore why personalising your Direct Debit scheme can increase customer loyalty and keep your gym’s accounts – and treadmills - running smoothly.

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Set Up Your Gym Direct Debit Collection System with FastPay

You’ve started a gym business because you're passionate about fitness, not numbers. But keeping track of membership fees is what keeps your gym’s heart beating and has to be efficiently managed.

50% of new businesses fail after the four-year mark. If your billing system doesn’t run seamlessly, you increase the risk of your gym business becoming a part of that statistic.

As you’ve probably come to learn from your research, the way you collect regular payments will dictate the health of your cashflow, the happiness of your customers and the amount of time you spend crunching figures. All of this influences how efficiently your gym operates and whether or not you can sustain future growth.

You can be among the success stories by choosing FastPay as your gym Direct Debit solution. They can help you reach your business targets and increase your chances of staying afloat where others have sunk.

We explore exactly how this can be achieved by signing up to FastPay, one of the most established Direct Debit collection companies, to give you the time, freedom and security you need to focus on your passion for fitness.

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Gym Billing Software: Create Customer Loyalty With a Direct Debit Online System

Customer loyalty should be at the top of your priorities as a gym business owner. As Harvard Business Review highlights:

“Acquiring a new customer is anywhere from five to twenty-five times more expensive than retaining an existing one.”

This is true: securing new customers is a drain on your time and resources; much more so than nurturing those who are loyal. So, in order to persuade your gym members to renew with a twelve month contract, you need to think of innovative ways to earn that loyalty.

How your customers pay for their membership is a huge part of the puzzle. Slow and convoluted payment methods repel gym goers; going to the gym is effort enough, they shouldn't have to work hard to pay for a class.So how can you make collecting payments effortless for your dedicated members?

The solution is simple: use a Direct Debit scheme. Learn why this is the best gym billing software available, how it can drastically improve your customer loyalty, and the benefits you can reap for your business.

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Direct Debit Options for Gym Businesses: 24-Hour Set-up with FastPay

The dream of opening your own gym is getting closer every day. You’re writing your business plan, scouring letting agents for premises and finessing your marketing strategy.

And of course, you’re finalising your financials.

Your research has probably led you to look at Direct Debit options for gym businesses. You’ve snubbed Standing Orders, discounted debit cards and cast aside credit cards as viable payment methods.

Instead, you’re thinking that outsourcing the job of collecting regular payments from customers to a Direct Debit provider such as FastPay will be the best solution. Efficient, flexible, reliable and secure, it ticks every box for your new venture.

But where do you start and what does the process involve?

This step-by-step guide will show you how to set up Direct Debit for business and get you ready to accept recurring payments within just 24 hours.

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Direct Debit: The #1 Way to Accept Recurring Payments for A Gym Business

For many gym-goers, armed with fresh kit and a motivating playlist, all it takes is a quick flash of their membership card and they’re ready to work out.

At thousands of gyms up and down the country, members are welcomed at reception with a smile and a chat, rather than a request for cash before they can even get to the changing rooms.

And that’s thanks to Direct Debit.

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10 Quick Tips For Setting Up A Gym Business

Since 2016, gym membership has risen by 5.1%, and the industry’s market value is up by 6.3%.

And with the popularity of health and fitness growing thanks to social media , this is an ideal time to think about setting up a gym business.

But before you grab this opportunity with both hands, you have a lot to consider to give yourself the best possible chance of success. Learn everything you need to know about legal requirements for a gym and developing your new fitness enterprise with these 10 quick tips.

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Writing a Gym Business Plan? 10 Step Guide to Gym Business Strategy

If you’re reading this, you’re probably the type of person who takes exercising seriously.

Has the idea of starting a gym suddenly sparked your interest? Or perhaps it’s a lifelong ambition of yours, and you are now ready to make a move.

Either way, what’s brilliant is that you’ve picked the right door. Because the first step you need to take is creating a gym business plan.

As the notorious American football coach, Paul “Bear” Bryant, once said, “It’s not the will to win that matters—everyone has that. It’s the will to prepare to win that matters.”

Knowing the structure of your business, understanding your target market and Unique Selling Point (USP), forecasting your financials, and hashing out any other details about your future gym: these are the vital components needed to create a valuable business plan.

Are you ready to make a name for yourself in a £4.7 billion industry which is steadily growing? Then let’s get started.

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