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How to Set Up Direct Debit for My Customers: An FAQ and Guide

If you’re thinking: “How to set up Direct Debit for my customers?” then this FAQ and guide is for you.

The Direct Debit setup process can feel overwhelming, however it’s relatively straightforward with some clear steps to follow.

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Stop Wasting Time: 6 Benefits of Switching to Automated Payments

Every business owner knows that time is money. Getting all the essential tasks ticked off as efficiently and accurately as possible is what keeps your enterprise profitable and prosperous.

And as tech-savvy consumers’ demands grow, it’s your job to inspire loyalty by providing them with slick service that also protects their precious time.

When it comes to accepting fees and charges, a straightforward solution for all is to adopt an automated payments system. Streamlining and integrating, it will save time, money and hassle.

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Payment Methods For Your Lawn Treatment Business

The success of your lawn treatment business depends on regular, reliable payments from happy clients who want to use your service time and time again.

This recurring income model is the basis of thriving service businesses, securing cash flow and predicting revenue to help plan future growth. If your diary is bursting with bookings, it’s likely you’re providing excellent lawn care combined with efficient service.

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Ryan Gray

in Setting Up a Business

on 5 August 2019

Starting a Gardening Business: 10 Major Considerations

Research suggests that approximately 87% of UK households have a garden. And it’s estimated that private gardens in Britain cover an area bigger than all of the country’s nature reserves combined, at over 10 million acres.

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Your Gardening Business Plan: A Start-Up Guide

Green-fingered gardening entrepreneurs are running over 17,000 UK businesses within a £4.5 billion industry.

From maintenance and design to lawn care and landscaping, this 65,000-strong outdoor army is tending to both domestic and commercial plots.

For those dreaming of rolling up their sleeves and getting their hands dirty too, this growing sector promises fresh air, creativity and the personal satisfaction of running their own business.

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Ryan Gray

in Running a Business

on 15 July 2019

SaaS Fees Issues: 6 Common Problems

The success of your SaaS business model relies on a sturdy subscriber base who pay you regularly.

And collecting those subscriptions effectively depends on a robust, reliable system to reduce the incidence of SaaS fees issues.

From keeping customer churn under control to finessing digital integration, how you approach this business fundamental could make or break you, whether you’re a start-up or established player.

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Becoming a Direct Debit Originator

Direct Debit is a fully automated payment type that moves money from one bank account to another on a recurring basis. This electronic transfer and collection of money through the banking system is run by Bacs in the UK and is closely regulated for security and fraud prevention.

A business can access the Direct Debit scheme either directly, by becoming a Direct Debit originator or indirectly, through a third-party specialist provider.

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SaaS Payments: What is the Best Option?

The software as a service (SaaS) industry is booming. The majority of SaaS businesses offer customers the use of software accessed via the internet and paid for by subscription.

This recurring income model is the reason for the success of many SaaS companies. Cash flow is guaranteed and finance teams can predict forward-looking revenue. This enables organisations to forecast more effectively and plan for business growth activities.

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10 Advantages of Psychological Pricing in Modern Business

Carefully pricing the products and services of a business is important to generate sales, keep customers happy and ensure long-term success.

Implementing a well-considered pricing strategy involves researching competitors, understanding the target audience, and keeping up to date with trends and changes in the market.

Psychological pricing is part of this wider pricing strategy. It’s a strategy in itself with numerous tactics that are designed to appeal to a customer’s emotional, rather than rational, response to prices.

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Analysing the SaaS Business Model: How Does It Work?

By 2024, the global Software as a Service (SaaS) market is expected to grow by 21.4%, reaching a market size of $185.8 billion. With the European market predicted to increase by 18.8% in the same time period.

Research has also found that 85% of small business owners plan to invest more into SaaS solutions by 2020, and that on average, businesses are already using between 25 and 100 SaaS applications.

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